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Here, the content you submit to us will be totally anonymous and untraceable back to you.

We hope that with this MASK you will be inspired to bring your thoughts and true opinions to light.

Content you upload can never be edited or corrected in future. After all we wouldn’t know if you wrote the article in the first place.

Contribute as a User

Here, the content you submit to us will be linked to your Chaguo Na Sauti account. Readers will be able to identify you with your content.

You can as well as be able to edit your content for any updates you may have in the future.

With this option you can accumulate as much content and this may reward you with your own sub blog at Chaguo Na Sauti.


You get the opportunity to have your voice and ideas heard across the world through our platform.

For those who write anonymously, we give you the opportunity to voice your opinion while concealing your identity for your own reasons.

Things to Note

There is freedom to share whatever you want on our platform, however there is content that we do not allow to be published if it breaches our code of conduct regarding post content.

To give you a brief summary of articles we do NOT publish;

  • Content that is discriminatory in nature.
  • Content that contains any adult material.
  • Content that may be deemed illegal by relevant laws.


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